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Posted By Rebeka

2nd Febuary 2022

I have personally used Plum now from January 1st, 2020 and it was single handedly the best new year’s resolution I could have made (and the only one I kept to).

Plum helps you budget and helps you set money aside even when you are not thinking about it. Did you know that nearly 2/3 of UK adults say that stress over money has affected their mental health or wellbeing of someone they know?

Plum’s nifty AI siphons money away without you even noticing it. By being connected to your bank Plum can adapt to your spending, calculating how much you can afford to set aside, without you even needing to think about it.

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Plum not only tucks your money away safely but it allows you to see all your regular payments in one place and helps you find lost money by identifying if you are overpaying on bills.

For example, Plum will compare the prices you are currently paying for your gas and electricity against tariffs in your local area. Plum has the amazing ability to inform you if you are overpaying for your utilities and you can then choose to switch suppliers automatically in the ‘Lost Money’ section of the app.

Signing up to Plum takes less than 2minutes and it is FREE (and who does not love free). Set money aside using automatic deposits and round ups, withdraw as often as you like, and switch your bills with Plum, all totally free.

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Plum does offer a paid version of the app called Plum Pro, which unlocks additional features for £2.99 a month.

If you need to withdraw from Plum, it’s super quick to do so. No hassle, it’s all done through the app, you jot in the amount to want transferred back into your bank and usually within a few minutes it’s back in the bank.

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To help you organise your money, the Plum Pro version of the app allows you to set up separate pockets within your plum account and assign specific goals to each pocket. So one pocket can be for birthdays, another for the dogs jabs or that spa weekend you have been promising yourself to take for the last two years but something always seems to happen so you have not gone yet and you sit in your bath and pretend you are at the spa whilst considering cleaning down the shower screen (No? Just me?).

Plum Pro also allows for pay days, pay days can be configured to deposit an additional lump sum to your Plum account when your salary first hits your bank, of course this is completely optional!

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At the end of each month you will receive a monthly report with Plum Pro that shows how much you have spent in specific areas, food shopping, eating out, entertainment, transport to name a few, so you are able to see exactly where your money goes in a neat and easy way. Although it is pretty scary how much money is spent when popping out for milk.

As described above there are amazing premium options where premium customers can get access to additional, fun rules, which harness Plum’s recent Behavioural Science research, and use intelligent personalisation to help you obtain your goals even quicker. The premium options are completely optional.

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I know there is no way I would stop using Plum , I love to actually NOT check the app until closer to the end of the month, it’s almost like the feeling you get when you find cash you didn’t know you had in one of your old jackets pockets or at the bottom of handbag Narnia.

Sign up HERE to start putting your pennies away today.

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*Disclaimer – This is an advertisement on behalf of Plum, I may or may not earn a small commission from this post.

However, I use Plum and the opinions in the post are entirely mine, I would never promote something I either do not use or do not agree with (weight loss products I’m looking at you).

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