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Posted By Rebeka

2nd Febuary 2022

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Nowadays everybody is looking at ways to cut back on plastic products and just be a little more environmentally friendly.

I have always loved trying out different eco-friendly products, I have put together a couple of posts from beauty swaps you can consider to kitchen swaps, not only better for the planet but for saving the pennies in the long run.

Moon cup / Diva cup. Rather than using tampons or pads, by opting for a reusable method is a great way to ensure you are never run out. If you are not keen on a cup there are other options such as reusable sanitary towel pads and pantyliners, practically zero waste and not having to fork out each month.

Not only does it save the pennies leaving more for the important things like chocolate, but the reusable options contain fewer chemicals than you find in the chemically bleached pads and tampons which are used now.

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Sanitary pads are not naturally pure white. The fibres in pads are chlorine-bleached to give them their clean and sterile appearance.

This bleaching process creates dioxin, a highly toxic pollutant. If you are interested in reading more information about the benefits of moving away from pads and tampons than check out this blog for some great content on period health.

Alternatively, if you are not wanting to dive into the deep end with a reusable option you can always buy organic unbleached pads.

By favouring shampoo bars it helps reduce the one-use plastic bottles and they last longer than your average bottle of shampoo. Although a bit more expensive to buy when you factor in the longevity it is the favourable option.

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If you are not keen on trying shampoo bars than trying to Bulk Buy can be a cost-effective solution which will also reduce your plastic consumption.

Reusable beauty items can be easily purchased and save on waste and money in the long run. One of my first switches was on Cotton Pads.

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I also really recommend a Bamboo Toothbrush although you still need to replace them every 3months as you would a plastic toothbrush these are fully recyclable.

Some other switches are Cotton Bud, although you can buy the use once ones, they are plastic-free are biodegradable. Even when it comes to razors you can make an eco-friendly swap.

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