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Frugality for Fur Parents

Posted By Rebeka

2nd Febuary 2022

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I adore my two pets, Honey and Tigger, they are the biggest pain in the neck as pets you could have though. From behaviour to pet bills, there are definitely different ways you can try to save a few pennies (or pounds) when it comes to your pets.

Buy your pet food in bulk. I have a subscribe and save on amazon for our cat which I review before each shipment just to check the price hasn’t changed but this works out cheaper and delivered straight to your door. Much better than realising at 3 in the morning that your food-loving greedy cat has no food. Our favourite is this bulk buy Go-Cat Adult Cat Food Tuna Herring and Veg, 10 kg is an amazing service for dogs, we tried their free trial and have stayed with them now for a year. We know exactly what we are feeding our dog, she loves the food and each month you receive vouchers which you can pass on to friends or family to try and then you both get money of your orders. They also work with you, so if one month you are away or decided to have a break you can move your delivery date with no charges.

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One month I gave them a call because the weight of the food changed, they quickly explained, and I even got a free sample which was about 1.1kg of a different flavour for her to try. And some months they throw in a freebie, we received a little travel bowel and poop bags and holder. If you are interested in trying Tails, you can sign up here for 60% off your first order, using code QEWT8W .

We keep their food fresh by using airtight pet food containers.

There are plenty of bargain’s on Amazon to be had when it comes to at-home grooming shampoos, we buy this one and we love it. There are plenty of reviews on Amazon and remember your dog has its own natural oils which means they do not need to be washed regularly unless they love to get themselves in a mess like our dog.

Cooling Mat, I debated whether to put this one up, but I have to admit that we did use this throughout the summer and just left it out and now it is used by both the dog and the cat.

I do not recommend clipping your own pets’ nails as this can have its own risks, there are plenty of brilliant deals that you can find in your local area for your pet to be groomed. But make sure that your groomer is fully qualified and double-check what is part of the grooming package.

If you do have a longer hair pooch, there are some brilliant brushes which can help prevent matting and help with fur shedding. Honey has a long coat and we swear by this Deshedding Tool & Pet Grooming Brush.

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When toilet training puppy training pads can be expensive but Poundstretcher, B’N’M and Home bargains have some decent offers on. Alternatively, Amazon has some decent training pads. We ended up with quite a few spare once Honey was fully trained and we ended up using them to protect the floors when we were doing some painting around the house, they are brilliant to slip under the doors if you are painting and not wanting to get any on the floor.

Although we do limit what types of items we purchase I am a huge fan of this toy ball, it keeps her occupied and tires her out, you fill it with treats and they have to work at it to get some of the treats out. It is a great way to keep them occupied and gives you a little peace.

Remember if you have just started looking for your pet then check out your local kennels, dogs trust, RSPCA, SSPCA there are so many animals looking for there forever home!

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